Marc Marquez rides title-winning Honda up ski slope in the Austrian Alps

Marc Marquez rode his MotoGP bike up a ski slope…

Honda’s leading person rode the title-winning MotoGP machine all the way up the Strief ski run at Kitzbühel in Austria in aid to promote the Hahnenkamm ski races next weekend.

His famous run last year was a major talking point, so this year’s attempt took place under complete and utter secrecy on Friday morning, the only evidence a few pictures on social media and one video.

The crew turned to Austrian ice speedway racing world champion Franz Zorn, who actually fitted the Honda’s front and rear tyre with 3cm spikes.

It looked like something from the film Mad Max.

Although it may actually have looked like it was effective, judging by the speed and engine note in the clip above. Marquez isn’t exactly messing around as he fires the world title-winning RC213V up the slope.

The presence of a proper film crew at the end of the clip and the cameras fitted under the bubble and on the tail fairing suggest there’s a proper video coming soon.

Why You Should Seek Financial Advice Before Purchasing a Motorbike

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If you’re looking to buy your first motorbike, know that you need to take your time, because it may probably be one of the most important financial commitments you’ll be making in your life. Whether you’re making a lot of money or just have enough to afford a motorbike, buying one is a pricey investment, so you definitely need to seek sound financial advice.

Choosing which motorbike to purchase is the first difficult decision you have to make. Your decision depends upon your purpose for buying a motorbike. You might want a motorbike for transportation. Or you might be buying one as a form of investment.

Before you decide on which model to purchase, do you your research first. Make a list of the things you would want in a motorbike. Next, scour the web or ask around for the best models and the best dealers given your requirements. Supposing you find the specific make and model you really like, what do you do next? Do you buy it immediately? The answer is a resounding NO, because you need to seek financial advise. And this is where your financial adviser comes in.

Seeking financial advice before a motorbike purchase has many benefits.


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Your financial adviser will help you decide on the motorbike that actually meets your needs. He or she will present you with a range of realistic choices that are suitable for your circumstances.

Your financial adviser will give recommendations on what you can afford. If money is not an object, you can always get a brand-new motorbike. If not, you have to have to settle on a used one. Your financial adviser will have a good look at your finances and your preferences and run you through the financial aspects of purchasing a motorbike.

Your financial adviser will give sound advice on the best way to pay for your motorbike. Will you be paying it in cash or buy it with a loan?

Your financial adviser will assist you in getting the best deal out of your purchase. Your adviser is an expert when it comes to the ins and outs of financial transactions. For example, when purchasing a motorbike in Wiltshire, your financial adviser Wiltshire might help you find great financing deals so that you’ll only get the best rates from banks and dealerships.